Management is the backbone of a company. The more powerful the backbone, the more successful a business would become. Since the world has become a global village, internal business now requires more effective management schemes to run the business smoothly. Organizations should implement the domestic policies globally. Franchisee dealership around the world is given together with the management policies staying same. This management is done in order to maintain the competitions tight. It will not be easy for a business to run such synchronized management with no tool. Among the tools of management is the market intelligence. In this type of management technology is merged with the program to collect data and data which later analyses the provider’s operations.

Every businessman wants to own a bird-eye perspective of the business. A view that would give them knowledge of the variables having impact over their business. Such elements could be sales, manufacturing, internal operations etc.. The procurement market intelligence is a system which offers the businessmen with such matrices that help them to make better choice for the firm. For a successful business the entrepreneurs should follow the pattern where the market share is shifting. He must observe the clients changing behavior and their spending pattern. He should also understand his firm’s capabilities and its particular requirements on the market. Having knowledge in all these entrepreneurs’ needs to create adjustment at the missing spots. Market intelligence enables them to determine and adjust the successful fashion. Consequently the company can make more informed business decisions.

Market intelligence also helps analysts with information about the nation’s economy and market variables. This system provides the businessman with in-depth understanding about the business internal operations. To get a strong management backbone it is compulsory that everyone of the worker involved in the working sector has to know about what is occurring around them. Market intelligence helps the business this way too. The technology and application enables the company to spread the information evenly among its own employees. Business runs data analysis to understand what they have been doing in the past and what they need to do in the not too distant future. But this test is not so straightforward. After the market intelligence is effective interdepartmental communications increases, the actions can be coordinated very easily. In the past business needed to take data from non automatic sources or manually. Business could not analyze the data correctly. But after the coming of the IT information technology data collecting is now automated-which is much easier and a verified correct one. The world is changing quickly. People’s need is more efficient support from the business.