Corbett National Park is just one of India’s most loved and famous wildlife reserves. It is home to one of the biggest concentrations of this endangered Royal Bengal tigers. Named after the renowned British hunter turned conservationist Col Jim Corbett, the park is spread across a huge 500 square kilometers area, nestled at the foothills of the Kumaon Himalayas from the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Aside from the tiger it is inhabited by other wildlife such as elephants, sambhars deers, cheetals, crocodiles and roughly 400 and species of birds both migratory and resident. 1 part of this park opens in October while the center zone of Dhikala opens at the middle of November until June. Aside from the safaris in the park that are performed on authorities approved jeeps and tiny buses called canters, it is highly advisable to find the reservations done much in advance because there is a steady rush of tourists throughout the season.

The weather starts getting cooler from October onwards and it gets chilly during December and January and has quite hot as you grows into the Indian Ocean from April onwards until the close of the park in June. Both seasons give ample opportunities for wild life spotting as throughout winters creatures normally come out to bask in the sun while at the summers there is a distinctive pattern of going towards the watering holes to quenching the thirst and cool dips into the water. A great deal of wild-life fans and photographers favor the summertime since the foliage is not as dense and seeing opportunities become much better and have a look at jim corbett national park. Winters presents its charms of dense woods, wildlife, hordes of migratory birds as well as also the enchanting views of the mist laden Ramganga river which flows through the center region of the park. The playground is a mere 6-7hours drive away from New Delhi and can be connected by means of a railhead. Certainly a must see for all such as people, groups as well as the wild-life fans.

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